Our Story

JJ, Java & an Adventure through Autism

When JJ was born, we turned to coffee to try to keep up. Soon, brewing coffee at home became both a hobby & a necessity.

At 18 months, JJ was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. Autism currently affects about 1 in every 36 children in the US.

Coffee has remained a constant as we've tried to help JJ navigate this new adventure. The idea for JJ's Java came from the pick-me-up that coffee has provided along this journey.

We set out to find the freshest, most flavorful gourmet coffee beans. At JJ's Java, we proudly offer a wide variety of gourmet beans sourced from farms around the globe, roasted fresh the same day they ship. Also, all orders ship for FREE, so no surprise fees at checkout.

We hope that our specialty coffees may provide a pick-me-up to other parents as they navigate their own adventures.

For every sale of JJ's Java, a donation is made to the Philadelphia Eagles Autism Foundation supporting Autism Acceptance & Advocacy.